As a real estate photographer, I see my fair share of beautiful homes around Jacksonville, FL. On the flip side, I also have the opportunity to take pictures of lots of houses that have seen better days. Sometimes they are foreclosures. Sometimes they’re just houses that, for one reason or another, have suffered years of neglect. 

While it’s easy to look at these properties and see only grungy carpets, entire houses painted the day that yellow paint was on sale or woodwork that is only still in one piece because the termites are holding hands… I’ve started to realize that every single house has a story to tell.

Walls may be patched or still be full of holes that just never got fixed, but if you look at the opposite wall, there is a Winnie the Pooh light switch cover that little hands used to struggle to reach. Look up and you’ll almost certainly find the field of glow-in-the-dark stars a loving parent stood on a ladder to stick to the ceiling so their son or daughter could imagine how far they’d travel when they could reach that high. A chewed up door frame may just end up as a line item on the handyman’s list to fix before new owners move in, but it’s really the paw print of a family dog who was excited for his family to come home. 

Every house is a home…

In every case, whether the home is luxurious or run down… I’ve come to see that every one of them is a testament to the fact that someone worked hard to make it a home for their family. Someone who lived there was proud of the work they did to make it better. 

I’m proud to play a small part in helping people buy and sell something that has the potential to be an important part of a family’s life, perhaps for generations. I know you, as a real estate agent must be too. My hope is that, even if the house needs a lot of help, we’re working to get it into the hands of someone who can fix whatever is wrong and make that house into a home again.